Re: Trying to reach consensus for the proposed modules

Paolo Borelli wrote:

The naive way to go at this would be splitting g-p-e in two (things that
could go in the desktop like pygtksourceview, pyapplet etc and things
that are not required for the desktop). However this distinction sounds
extremely artificial to me and would double the workload of making
releases etc. Gustavo made clear that he does not want to maintain two
packages instead of one just because of bureaucratic issues and I
totally agree with him.
However, if one of the packages is stable enough to join the bindings release set, the distinction stops becoming bureucratic and becomes technical. It's "we recommend OEMs to use these bindings and bless them as being stable" vs. "can randomly change without warnings; no stability guarantees" (note: this doesn't refer specifically to g-p-e, I haven't ever used it).

So splitting out the stable parts of g-p-e could actually get many more users for those parts, as developers can be confident of future-proof-ability.


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