Re: NLD10 and GNOME

Hi to all of you,

El mié, 08-02-2006 a las 18:21 +0000, Jamie McCracken escribió:
> (btw big thank you for XGL - Im using it now and it rocks way better 
> than OS/X and vista)

Despite this thread being boring there is a lot of very important stuff
to be learned here... but I am much more interested in other things:

Jamie, what video card/drivers are you using, what are the main specs of
your machine (CPU, RAM, Distro, kernel, etc.), what problems did you
have when configuring XGL, Compiz, etc.

What did you liked and/or disliked the most about this new technology?
Is it as responsive for you as seen in those videos? What do you think
that can be improved? (Having in mind that this is still a work in

I'm more interested in personal opinions of people who have configured
and used this amazing new technology.

A big thank you to all the people who made this posible!.


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