Re: requesting official list of modules and versions for GNOME 2.14

> > This is exactly what I mean by notification spam. I hope to get some
> > clarification on what is good notification and bad notification that
> > is suitable for the HIG shortly.
> In my opinion this is possibly the most clear cut and legitimate case 
> for using notifications.  I think a message that essentially says that 
> your computer will run out of gas in 2 minutes is hardly "notification 
> spam".

Exactly :)

Case in point, I had an overhead power transformer outside my house
explode over the weekend (took out the house next door) -- and my
notebook happily sat there notifying me of every new song Rhythmbox
decided to play.

(Every 2-3 minutes)

Then the Ubuntu update notifier thingy kicked in, and left a
notification dialog on my screen until I explicitly moved the mouse
there and cleared it.

After all that, g-p-m came up and told me my UPS had < 5 minutes left.

I think that means there are other places we can look for "notification
spam" without crippling g-p-m's functionality.



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