Re: requesting official list of modules and versions for GNOME 2.14

Here's my personal opinion.

Le jeudi 09 f�ier 2006 �8:27 +0100, Vincent Untz a �it :
> Here's the list of modules that are waiting for a decision:
>   + libnotify & notification-daemon
>     => depends on libsexy. What should we do about it? Add it to the
>        desktop set? Say it's a blessed dependency? Don't accept it?

I'm opposed to have another library for general widgets in GNOME. This
should go in GTK+ or we shouldn't use them. This just like saying we'll
put some more widgets in libgnomeui while some people are trying to kill

I might be alone in thinking this, though ;-)

>   + gnome-power-manager
>     => there was some opposition, and there's also some duplicate
>        functionality (eg, the battery icon in the notification area vs
>        the battery applet). We can accept it now, or say it's better to
>        wait 2.16, eg.

I'd like to wait for 2.16 for gnome-power-manager. It looks great, but
it doesn't look integrated enough to me, yet. Do we need to rush to
accept a module in the desktop set? I don't think so. Many distributions
will use it anyway. We should only accept it when we think it's ready
for GNOME. (Note that it happened for quite a few modules in the past to
have to wait a few release cycles before being integrated)


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