Re: Alt Mouse Modifier (Was: Adaptive mode)

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 15:21 +1300, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> Taking it for a window-level feature prevents it from being used for 
> any application-level feature. For example, in a Web browser there are 
> all sorts of things you can do with a link: open it in a new window, 
> open it in a new background window, open it in a new tab, open it in a 
> new background tab, or download the linked item. In Epiphany we would 
> like to be able to use (Shift+)Alt+click for one or two of those 
> things, like popular Web browsers on other platforms do. But we can't, 
> because Metacity has taken it.

Why not (Shift+)WindowsKey|MacCommandKey+click? Just as valid :)

> I would much prefer that the easy way of moving a window was "drag any 
> part of the window that isn't for something else", with no modifier key 
> necessary. Drag a window's title bar, status bar, an empty part of a 
> toolbar, an empty space between controls, and so on. That would provide 
> less target area than Alt+drag did (though still *much* more target 
> area than on Windows or the Mac), but (1) it would be more obvious, (2) 
> it wouldn't need two hands, and (3) it would remove the need for the 
> clutter of a title bar and the rest of the window being visually 
> distinct elements.

This would be, indeed, good.


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