Re: requesting official list of modules and versions for GNOME 2.14

Ask and thou shall receive :)

> - asf and multi-language .mkv/.ogm files still don't play, .mpg
> functionality is still heavily limited although basic playback works

Edward (bilboed) ported the ffmpeg demuxers. All ffmpeg demuxers
including asf (and the weird game formats) now work. Including seeking.

> - subtitles embedded in movies (.mkv, .ogm, dvds) still don't work
Still not ready, but Martin Soto and Edgard Lima is working on it now.

> - language selection (audio tracks, subtitles) still doesn't work
Jan has a stream selection design done. But this still need some more

> - dvds/vcds still don't work
Tim just checked in his vcd support.

> - thumbnailer is still broken
Heh? works fine for me.

> - firefox plugin still doesn't playback most formats
Edward is going to add push mode support to ffmpeg.

> - gnome-media's sound recorder still doesn't playback
Works for me, got one non-critical error message, but a patch from Tim
fixed that.

> - for every cvs up of gstreamer, my totem (or any app) still takes >10s
> to startup with no visual feedback
Already replied to this one.


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