Re: requesting official list of modules and versions for GNOME 2.14

Hi Christian,

Two things:
- "it should work" is not an answer to my concerns. GStreamer 0.6 was
supposed to do a lot of things that it really didn't do. Please test
before making any such claims to the release-team or desktop-devel. I've
spent a full weekend doing such tests for my email last month. I've spent
ages and ages on GStreamer 0.8 to make sure it really did do all the
things we had claimed it did for too long before.
- Half of those things were supposed to be done a month ago. They are
still not done, ages beyond the feature freeze and not much time left
until the release candidates and the hard code freeze. What to do now?
Will we ship with all the regressions if you guys turn out to not be able
to fix it in time? Is there any timetable that we can keep you guys to?


On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> > - asf and multi-language .mkv/.ogm files still don't play, .mpg
> > functionality is still heavily limited although basic playback works
> Edward (bilboed) ported the ffmpeg demuxers. All ffmpeg demuxers
> including asf (and the weird game formats) now work. Including seeking.
> > - subtitles embedded in movies (.mkv, .ogm, dvds) still don't work
> Still not ready, but Martin Soto and Edgard Lima is working on it now.
> > - language selection (audio tracks, subtitles) still doesn't work
> Jan has a stream selection design done. But this still need some more
> work.
> > - dvds/vcds still don't work
> Tim just checked in his vcd support.
> > - thumbnailer is still broken
> Heh? works fine for me.
> > - firefox plugin still doesn't playback most formats
> Edward is going to add push mode support to ffmpeg.
> > - gnome-media's sound recorder still doesn't playback
> Works for me, got one non-critical error message, but a patch from Tim
> fixed that.
> > - for every cvs up of gstreamer, my totem (or any app) still takes >10s
> > to startup with no visual feedback
> Already replied to this one.
> Christian

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