Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

Le jeudi 09 f�ier 2006 �5:02 -0800, Brian Cameron a �it :
> Luca/Others:
> I wanted to make some comments about the implementation in gnome-session
> for logout/halt/reboot.  Looking at the gdm-logout-action.c code in
> gnome-session it looks like gnome-session calls GDM with 
> SET_LOGOUT_ACTION instead of SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION.  This means that
> GDM will halt/reboot/restart even if other users are logged in on the
> same machine and kill their running sessions.  So any flexiserver or
> XDMCP sessions would be affected, for example.
> The code might be a bit more robust if it used SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION
> or perhaps first called "ATTACHED_SERVERS" and took a look to see if
> there are other displays running.  Perhaps if other displays are
> running, a dialog should appear asking the user what they want to
> do with choices being like:
> + Do you really want to call GDM with SET_LOGOUT_ACTION so it
>    halts/reboots now and kills other running sessions?
> + Do you want to call GDM with SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION so the machine
>    halts/reboots after all users have logged out?
> + Cancel, don't ask GDM to halt/reboot the machine.
> Just some thoughts to make it work better.  I notice when I run
> Windows and tell it to shut down when other users are logged in,
> it asks me in a dialog if I'm sure I want to shut down my machine.

Using "ATTACHED_SERVERS" was the goal for the panel, but it'll likely
not make it for 2.14. I'll switch to use the SAFE messages.


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