Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review


I wanted to make some comments about the implementation in gnome-session
for logout/halt/reboot.  Looking at the gdm-logout-action.c code in
gnome-session it looks like gnome-session calls GDM with SET_LOGOUT_ACTION instead of SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION. This means that
GDM will halt/reboot/restart even if other users are logged in on the
same machine and kill their running sessions.  So any flexiserver or
XDMCP sessions would be affected, for example.

The code might be a bit more robust if it used SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION
or perhaps first called "ATTACHED_SERVERS" and took a look to see if
there are other displays running.  Perhaps if other displays are
running, a dialog should appear asking the user what they want to
do with choices being like:

+ Do you really want to call GDM with SET_LOGOUT_ACTION so it
  halts/reboots now and kills other running sessions?
+ Do you want to call GDM with SET_SAFE_LOGOUT_ACTION so the machine
  halts/reboots after all users have logged out?
+ Cancel, don't ask GDM to halt/reboot the machine.

Just some thoughts to make it work better.  I notice when I run
Windows and tell it to shut down when other users are logged in,
it asks me in a dialog if I'm sure I want to shut down my machine.


I'm updating the Italian translation for gnome-panel. I found the
following issues:

1. Comments for new logout menu item and new logout applet still speak
about shutdown - bug # 330499

2. Logout and Shutdown actions don't respect
the /apps/gnome-session/option/logout_prompt GConf key - bug# 330500

3. Invert Logout and Shutdown entries in Desktop menu - no bug entry -
reason: well, honestly just a personal feeling, but I preferr the Logout
menu entry at the end of desktop menu. Every time I've to logout, I move
the mouse to Shutdown, I see it's not Logout, so I've to move it 1 place
up and select Logout. Of course this is inertia switching from previous
layout, but am I the only one? The change is from this

        Lock Screen
        Log Out user
        Shut Down
        Lock Screen
        Shut Down
        Log Out user
4. a11y icons for Shutdown action - no bug entry - I suspect those icons
are still missing in gnome-themes

5. different shape for Shutdown action at 48 and 24 pixels - no bug
entry - something like the attached one?


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