Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

Le jeudi 09 f�ier 2006 �3:45 +0000, Bill Haneman a �it :
> > Paolo Borelli wrote:
> > > - the  timeout of death :). I see from your response that this is 
> > > supposed as a way to quit with just one click, but is this really 
> > > useful? Does anyone really waits 60 seconds staring at it? Would 
> > > people in a lab just let the contdown run and go away from the pc? 
> > > What if after the time runs out the logout an app with unsaved docs 
> > > pops up a confimation dialog?
> > > Most importantly is it just me or having a countown gives to the user 
> > > a sense of anxiety? Reminds me of "This message will autodestroy 
> > > in..." :)
> > You are not alone. It adds something like "come on, the time runs out" 
> > feeling, as for me.
> Also, it's an accessibility violation to have anything involving
> user-response that's timeout-based (unless the timeout is
> configurable).  This adds an additional (necessary) complication to
> auto-dismiss dialogs and the like, which may swing the cost/benefit
> balance away from their favor.

Would it be okay to disable the countdown if accessibility is enabled?


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