Talk to the Clearlooks maintainers

<quote who="Shaun McCance">

> Well, the new Clearlooks entails both the Cairo-enabled Clearlooks engine
> in gtk-engines and the Clearlooks theme data in gnome-themes.  Both the
> engine and the theme data have changed.  The theme data is probably
> setting a few things that are new to the engine, but most notably, it's
> using a brigher and more saturated set of colors.
> Both the engine and the theme data are responsible for point (b).  The
> engine is responsible for point (a).

Let's take the bike-shedding about Clearlooks elsewhere. If you have a point
of view for the maintainers, please state it to the maintainers so they can
take it into account. A desktop-devel-list discussion without them involved
is not useful to anyone.

An important point: We chose Clearlooks as the default theme for GNOME. It's
a great theme, and improving both technically and lickably under the great
maintainership of Richard and Daniel. Let's trust them to be the arbiters of
taste for our default theme! ... and if anyone has input into that process,
it should be through the maintainers.


- Jeff

FISL 7.0: Porto Alegre, Brazil
    "Python amazes me for its concision. The current prototype is all of
       900 lines of code, yet it contains a lexer, parser (recursive
       descent), core language interpreter, and parallelizing process
                      spawner." - Raph Levien on Rebar

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