Re: Sorry State [Was: NLD10 and GNOME]

Good morning, everyone.

Goodness sakes. This thread has so much anger in it! I can't help but think that there is a misunderstanding or two that needs to be cleared up.

The photos that Jono found are from a website that the team I manage uses to house our daydreams, our ideas, our rants -- I have the uncomfortable feeling that some people here are confusing a set of mockups that we never intended to develop further for actual product plans. As the design lead for NLD 10, I can say for sure that we are NOT implementing almost any of the stuff shown in those mockups.

Do we really need to email all the gnome lists every time someone on my team has a new daydream? Are you guys not sufficiently sick of all the "The World According to Me" emails that our mailing lists attract? This is ridiculous.

El mié, 08-02-2006 a las 12:16 +1100, Jeff Waugh escribió:

This is a very sorry state of affairs for GNOME. But it is not only Novell
and its employees who have adopted this commons-sapping, community-tearing,
morally and intellectually lazy approach to open design and development in

Uh. Ok. You know, I went to a ton of trouble to put those 200 usability videos up on the web at . After I put them up there, I reviewed the site with people at the Boston summit, to see what else they wanted me to do. They said, "Turn it into a wiki so we can comment!" - so I did. What a big jerkbird! So lazy! So community-tearing! Definitely the work of an evil, evil noncontributor.

Call me pissed ('cause I am), but hearing about how destructive I am makes me feel like perhaps my attempts to involve the Gnome community in all the testing I've been doing are moot. Why bother if nothing will ever be good enough, or appreciated? Why bother if lists devolve into name calling over a few daydreamy screenshots?

But ultimately, this is *killing our community*.

Really? From where I sit, it looks our community is killing our community.


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