Re: Sorry State [Was: NLD10 and GNOME]

<quote who="Anna Marie Dirks">

> What a big jerkbird! So lazy! So community-tearing! Definitely the work of
> an evil, evil noncontributor.

Anna, as I mentioned in another email, this frustration is about a broader
problem we have in our community than the particular acts of contributing
organisations or individuals. Definitely a large portion of the frustration
you read in my email was aimed at *myself*, as I have also contributed to
this 'sorry state' of affairs.

It was not a good email. It was too emotive in precisely the wrong context.

(A similar set of issues were expressed more eloquently in my GUADEC talk,
if you want to watch that video.)

- Jeff

FISL 7.0: Porto Alegre, Brazil
    "The cool stuff coming out of doesn't just happen as
    the result of an accident with a particle accelerator and a goat: it
            only happens when people hack on it." - Daniel Stone

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