Re: requesting official list of modules and versions for GNOME 2.14

Le jeudi 09 f�ier 2006 �5:50 +0800, Davyd Madeley a �it :
> Thanks, Vincent. Can we also get a list of versions the release-team
> intends to choose for gtk-engines, gnome-icon-theme, GLib and Pango?


  + gnome-icon-theme: we'll discuss about it in the meeting

  + glib + pango: the only objection was Federico's gripe about the
    floating reference in glib 2.9. Federico, do you have an update
    on this? Most people seemed to be happy to go with the new versions
    (new stuff is gslice, pango/cairo and unicode 4.1).

  + gtk-engines: I quickly looked at the archives and couldn't find a
    mail related to it (ie there's no mail with engines in the
    subject ;-)). Is the issue a possible slowdown caused by the use of


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