Re: Sorry State [Was: NLD10 and GNOME]

On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 02:54 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Anna Marie Dirks">
> > What a big jerkbird! So lazy! So community-tearing! Definitely the work of
> > an evil, evil noncontributor.
> Anna, as I mentioned in another email, this frustration is about a broader
> problem we have in our community than the particular acts of contributing
> organisations or individuals. Definitely a large portion of the frustration
> you read in my email was aimed at *myself*, as I have also contributed to
> this 'sorry state' of affairs.
> It was not a good email. It was too emotive in precisely the wrong context.
> (A similar set of issues were expressed more eloquently in my GUADEC talk,
> if you want to watch that video.)
do you have a link?

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