Re: Design by Community

<quote who="Thom Holwerda">

> But my point remains. How far are you willing to go? Must developers
> adhere to some sort of code of conduct-- a sort of extra set of
> requirements-- before they can contribute to the GNOME project?
> Because that is kind of how your viewpoint comes across here.

I don't think we have to go that far. Certainly, clarity of structure and
leadership will go a long way towards dealing with this, but those are hard
things to manufacture.

I'm thinking hard about how to to deal with this. It has compounded over a
long, long time. You can see elements of my thinking about it in the 10x10
talk I did at GUADEC too - in the interplay between changing the rules and
becoming the rules.

This is as important as fixing 2.0 was.

- Jeff

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     machine. Those are tempting targets but would probably make Telsa
                        extremely cross." - Alan Cox

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