Re: Design by Community

<quote who="Thom Holwerda">

> What I am missing in your replies is some sort of thank you to  Novell.
> They seem to have done some serious amount of work -- behind  closed
> doors, but they did it. They released their code for everyone  to benefit
> from. So what is the big problem?

So, again, despite the unfortunate timing and how this always flares up when
we have an example to latch on to, my concern is not exclusive to Novell,
XGL, new panel applets, or any of the current examples of this in action. It
is a problem that we all share. It is cultural more than anything else - and
I have been *totally* complicit in propagating it. So don't read my email as
some kind of anti-Novell rant. We're all in this together.

- Jeff

FOSDEM 2006: Brussels, Belgium          
     "Free software never simply picks up its marbles and goes home." -
                            Jonathan Corbet, LWN

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