Re: gnome-screensaver

tir, 07,.02.2006 kl. 12.10 +0800, skrev Davyd Madeley:
> I see that both Ubuntu Dapper and Fedora Core 5 test 2 are shipping
> with gnome-screensaver now.
> Having now used both of them, does it seem slow for anyone else? It
> seems that something has gone astray once or twice and forced me to
> have to change vt and kill the process to get my session back.
I've seen the lock screen dialog taking 20-30 seconds to give me a
username entry and ended up disabling locking.

> I didn't manage to get anything useful debugging-wise from it, does
> anyone know the story here?
> If we have a screensaver that you can't get away from, we should
> consider not including this module during this release cycle.
I think there were some problems with fontconfig recently that caused
slowness in many apps, could this be one of them maybe?

AFAIK it has been fixed in the latest updates.


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