Re: Plan to fix icons [was: Re: breakage caused by removed icons from gnome-icon-theme]

On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 01:21:36PM +0800, James Henstridge wrote:

> >If we are talking about making g-i-t part of the platform, it should
> >also be pointed out
> >that the latest releases of g-i-t have added "animations" in the form of
> >"stuff-all-frames-in-a-png". While I think that adding support for
> >animations in icon themes
> >might be valuable, I think
> >
> >a) this needs to be discussed as an addition to the icon theme spec on
> >xdg-list freedesktop org, which I have not seen happening so far
> >
> >b) I believe we should pick a file format that did not already look
> >antiquated when it was first employed in wanda the fish 5 years ago.
> >Even gif animations look modern and featureful compared to this.
> >  
> >
> It is also worth noting that if we do use animation strips, it is
> generally best to arrange the frames vertically.  Since the image is
> stored as scanlines, it means that each frame is stored as a contiguous
> block of memory rather than being spread out over the pixbuf/pixmap.

What ever happened to APNG and MNG? Did they ever get figured out,
did anyone ever implement them?


Davyd Madeley
08B0 341A 0B9B 08BB 2118  C060 2EDD BB4F 5191 6CDA

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