breakage caused by removed icons from gnome-icon-theme


The latest gnome-icon-theme release has removed the "gnome-spinner" and
"gnome-spinner-rest" themed icons, causing breakage in (at least)
epiphany, nautilus, gedit and beagle. Other people have told me that
other removed icons also cause problems in nautilus and deskbar-applet.
This removal needs to be reverted.

The new g-i-t has already been discussed here,, but insufficient emphasis seems to have been made about backward compatibility. While participants have asked about how to upgrade their apps, we should instead ask what happens when the user upgrades g-i-t, but does not simultaneously upgrade all his apps (apps which may not be maintained anymore, even!).

Arguably the icon names provided by gnome desktop's gnome-icon-theme are
part of some sort of ABI; should they therefore part of our ABI
stability guarantee?


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