Re: CVS conflicts for po files in doc directories

On Tuesday at 21:16, Shaun McCance wrote:

> And Danilo, that reminds me, we *really* need to get some sort of
> sans-autogen sans-make method of updating documentation po files
> into gnome-doc-utils/xml2po in the next release cycle.  I'm sure
> translators are sick of me forcing them to do full checkouts and
> actually build the software.

Agreed.  In most cases it's easy to work-out that (if a maintainer
isn't using too complex scheme to construct variables to be passed to
gnome-doc-utils.make stuff). 

But, we already have some similar rules for that in intltool? Or do we
want to tell maintainers to be a bit more restricted with it ;)

And I have something in my l10n-doc-status scripts as well (in Python)
that can work out the simpler cases.


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