sticky-notes -> tomboy conversion

I see that sticky-notes is now no longer built in gnome-applets by default,
since we have Tomboy. Thats all great, and Alex was so nice to include
a plugin for sticky-notes import in Tomboy, but currently the import
has to be manually triggered by the user, after he found the plugin
in the ui - which is not exactly easy.

You have to first open a note, then look at the toolbar, find the one b
utton without a label, figure it must be hiding something good, open
the menu, and remember that the applet you previously used for notes
was called "Sticky Notes" -I hope that the string in the tomboy ui is
translated in the same way as the Sticky Notes label in the old
gnome-applets package, else it becomes a bit more challenging for the
non-English users...)

So, can we please make the sticky notes import happen automatically and
unintrusively at startup ? After all, we already replaced the applet itself
without asking the user...


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