Re: [Usability] Bug: Applications appearing on other desktops than started

Martin Ejdestig пишет:
On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 22:37 +0400, Alexey Rusakov wrote:
Hynek Hanke wrote:
I'm using 4 virtual desktops (if this is not the correct term, please
let  me know) in my Gnome 2.14. When I start an application in one
desktop, it takes some time to start the application and in the
meantime, I switch to another desktop, the application will start
on that different desktop and I have to manually move it back.

This gets especially annoying if the application issues some dialogs
before it actually starts (like galeon after-crash dialog, which I see
quite regularly by the way) and the application doesn't appear, so
I have to go through my desktops and look for the lost dialog to click
I don't think it's so obvious. What about looking through my desktops, because I launched Galeon on one of them (forgot, on which one) and then immediately moved to to another desktop? If "the bug" gets fixed, the after-crash dialog will appear on the desktop, on which I no more look.

There are hints that can be set so that windows appear flashing in the
window list even if they aren't on the same workspace as the one you're
currently viewing.

(E.g. chat windows in Gossip located on another workspace does this if
something is said. When you click it in the window list, you are brought
to the correct workspace.)

That's how it should work. It shouldn't disrupt your work by putting a
dialog smack in the middle of your face. That's a bug.
Agreed. Combined with startup notification mechanism, Hynek's proposal certainly makes sense. And it's not a feature of an application, it should be a feature of gnome-session, I believe.

(please answer to one list only)

  Alexey "Ktirf" Rusakov

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