Re: Deprecating Bug-Buddy versions before 2.16.0

Olav Vitters wrote:
> [ Please keep discussion (if any) in desktop-devel-list; not
>   gnome-hackers that devel-announce-list might point to ]
> With the release of Bug-Buddy 2.16 I am going to deprecate the email
> interface used by older Bug-Buddy versions. It will still be supported
> for at least a year after bug-buddy has been released. After that the
> official support will be over.
> In practice this means that I will not add the email interface Bug-Buddy
> support to the first after around Sep 2007. So it
> could be that the support goes on until 2010. Or that it ends on 10 Sep
> 2007.
> Of course, if there is a person really wanting to have the interface
> stay alive, then I'll gladly make them maintainer of the existing
> interface when 2.16.0 is out. Note that it has lots of issues
> (readability of the code being just one of them) and it is only reliable
> when bug-buddy mails to it. Plus it requires a Bugzilla part that
> needs changing every time Bugzilla is upgraded.

I'd like to see it alive, at least until we can upgrade our bug
submission process for Gazpacho.

Is there a protocol specifications somewhere of the new interface bug-buddy


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