Deprecating Bug-Buddy versions before 2.16.0

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With the release of Bug-Buddy 2.16 I am going to deprecate the email
interface used by older Bug-Buddy versions. It will still be supported
for at least a year after bug-buddy has been released. After that the
official support will be over.
In practice this means that I will not add the email interface Bug-Buddy
support to the first after around Sep 2007. So it
could be that the support goes on until 2010. Or that it ends on 10 Sep

Of course, if there is a person really wanting to have the interface
stay alive, then I'll gladly make them maintainer of the existing
interface when 2.16.0 is out. Note that it has lots of issues
(readability of the code being just one of them) and it is only reliable
when bug-buddy mails to it. Plus it requires a Bugzilla part that
needs changing every time Bugzilla is upgraded.

I have gotten an ok from the release team that I am not totally crazy.
Note that older bug-buddy already have code in them to tell the user to
upgrade 6 months (or so) after compilation. 

Some stats on the number of Bug-Buddy bugs filed per day for the past
week or so:
 * Bug-Buddy < 2.15.0: ~50 bugs/day
 * Bug-Buddy >= 2.15.0: ~40 bugs/day
I believe we should be getting as high as 1000 bugreports/day from
Bug-Buddy versions < 2.15.0, but because of the email interface sucking
(requiring sendmail, outgoing port, etc) most of that is lost. Obviously
I will be working on avoiding 1000 bugreports a day (would make Bugzilla
unusable), by giving developers the ability to reject certain (known)
stacktraces for a specific version and product.

I will send another mail to explain what needs to be done to make your
app work with Bug-Buddy 2.16.0 because it is *much* stricter than
before. Most problematic products should already have gotten a bugreport
though. Please wait until that email if you want to discuss the new


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