Re: Global keybindings in GNOME

On 8/12/06, Alex Graveley <alex beatniksoftware com> wrote:

If we do something like this, I think it's important to present the UI
in a way which isn't overwhelming.  Having a bunch of apps that I've
never heard about and never run populating a huge list in the
already-huge keybindings dialog would be undesirable.  No real ideas
here, just something to watch out for...

Thats a valid concern, and might be an argument for moving the hotkey selection
out to the individual apps' preference dialogs. Of course, in that
case we should
use the same ui for this everywhere to avoid things like we currently
see in beagle-search or tomboy... and we need  to handle conflicts,
which is of course
much easier in a central keybinding capplet.

Alternatively, we could punt to the users by allowing them to set up custom
keybindings in the keybinding capplet, which of course requires them to know the
appropriate commandline magic for e.g. adding a tomboy note...

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