Re: Global keybindings in GNOME (was: Tomboy in Desktop)

Deskbar-applet has this aswell (same code). I think GNOME needs some API
for registering global keybindings. IIRC someone did some work on
providing an actual UI for user defined keybindings (instead of the
current mess with gconf). Isn't it logical to give apps a way to hook in
to this aswell?

Yeah, I think that a generic keybinding API would be useful.  I
remember collecting a list of keybinding bugs somewhere due to the
fact that there's a bunch of duplicated code that's slightly
different.  Things like <Super>space works as a keybinding for Open
Terminal (handled by gnome-control-center???) but doesn't work for
metacity's run-custom-command thingies (or vice versa??).  I suppose I
could dig up the bugzilla IDs, hang on...

Would it make sense to have a single D-Bus service where tomboy,
deskbar, metacity, etc. (and don't forget our KDE friends) can just
say "notify me on <Alt>F12", or is that just total crack and should we
just have a traditionally linked libkeybinder instead?

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