Global keybindings in GNOME (was: Tomboy in Desktop)

* Aug 05 07:18 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>:
> Jumping late into this discussion, but I just discovered an area where
> tomboy really falls short of our standards for desktop integration,
> hotkeys.
> Just like beagle-search, tomboy has its own private sucky way of
> defining hotkeys, and goes way overboard with it.  I would propose to
> only add a "Create new note" action to the keybinding capplet, and
> dump the other keybindings. No app should be allowed to define a
> global hotkey for bringing up its context menu...

Deskbar-applet has this aswell (same code). I think GNOME needs some API
for registering global keybindings. IIRC someone did some work on
providing an actual UI for user defined keybindings (instead of the
current mess with gconf). Isn't it logical to give apps a way to hook in
to this aswell?


Johan Svedberg, johan svedberg com,

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