Re: Global keybindings in GNOME (was: Tomboy in Desktop)

On 8/6/06, Nigel Tao <nigel tao gnome gmail com> wrote:
> Deskbar-applet has this aswell (same code). I think GNOME needs some API
> for registering global keybindings. IIRC someone did some work on
> providing an actual UI for user defined keybindings (instead of the
> current mess with gconf). Isn't it logical to give apps a way to hook in
> to this aswell?

Yeah, I think that a generic keybinding API would be useful.  I
remember collecting a list of keybinding bugs somewhere due to the
fact that there's a bunch of duplicated code that's slightly
different.  Things like <Super>space works as a keybinding for Open
Terminal (handled by gnome-control-center???) but doesn't work for
metacity's run-custom-command thingies (or vice versa??).  I suppose I
could dig up the bugzilla IDs, hang on...

Would it make sense to have a single D-Bus service where tomboy,
deskbar, metacity, etc. (and don't forget our KDE friends) can just
say "notify me on <Alt>F12", or is that just total crack and should we
just have a traditionally linked libkeybinder instead?

I had envisioned that this could be implemented by having apps install
small xml files in a well-known place
which contain a translated name/description of an
action they want to make available via a global keybinding, plus a
command to run in that case.

Of course, bringing in D-Bus and other gizmos would crank up the
coolness factor...


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