Re: Global keybindings in GNOME

Alex Graveley wrote:

I don't see these two as being very different from a user's perpective. Given how long the list in the capplet is today, I already just guess when setting a keybinding there, and rely on the app to show me a conflict.

The difference I intended to bring up is if the default bindings conflict (so you are forced to "resolve conflicts" out of the box)

This is the historical unix situation after all...

Once configuration is involved, then sure it's a user nightmare. But I figure if you are opening the keybindings dialog you are asking for the world of pain you receive.

The important thing is to keep the defaults sane.


Havoc Pennington wrote:
Since bindings are a global resource really there are two options for avoiding conflict:
  - foist it off on users - when they install an offending app, a dialog
    comes up like "this app wants to bind F12. the desktop has already
    bound F12" then the user chooses F11 instead and a new dialog is all
    "such-and-such already has F11. try again!" and so forth...
    not good.
  - have a centrally maintained list of global bindings that don't

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