Re: Solution for OEMs/Gnome

Le jeudi 13 avril 2006 �0:23 +0100, Daniel Carrera a �it :
> Yes, I know what XML is, and I'm quite comfortable with XML. But that 
> doesn't tell me what any of of those files means or how they work. They 
> really aren't self-describing and there are 124 of them just in my 
> ~/.gconf directory. I'm not going to read 124 XML files in a vain hope 
> of guessing how they work.

> But I don't have any other solution. As I keep saying, the Gconf 
> comfiguration is a huge and incomprehensible. I shouldn't have to read 
> 124 xml files just to add an icon.

You were told at the beginning of this thread that such oem
customizations were unfortunately something that still needed work...

> It isn't simpe, look, first I don't know the value of $sysconfigdir, so 
> I have to guess. I'll guess that it's /etc/. Okay, I see that it's a 
> series of include statements and one of them is 
> /etc/gconf/2/local-defaults.path. Ok, so I go edit the file and then I 
> find that I still haven't the faintest clue of what to put on it. There 
> are 124 files in my ~/.gconf and none of them is obviously the one I 
> should copy to local-defaults.path (even if I assume that copying it is 
> what I should do - which is not known).

If you haven't read yet, this may give
you some background about gconf that might be useful in that case. And
frankly, once you have seen how the gconf database is layed out with
gconf-editor and once you have changed a few keys/created a few new ones
in gconf-editor, the xml format should be pretty easy to understand
And please don't answer me "I want to create an icon, not to learn about
gconf!!!!!!!!!!!!" I can't give you a magical way of adding a new icon,
thus my mail's goal isn't to tell you how you can do it, I'm just trying
to help you to understand how gconf works (and if you are not interested
in that, feel free to ignore that mail).


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