Re: Solution for OEMs/Gnome

Stanislav Brabec wrote:
If you will start gconf-editor as a root, you are able to change all
these settings for all users. It's easy and intuitive to define here
most aspects of GNOME (well, except default panel, which is extremely
unintuitive here).

But the things I want to define are not on the gconf-editor. I want to put an icon on the panel.

But configuration of default panel in gconf-editor is very, very

Default panel is actually defined in
$sysconfdir/gconf/schemas/panel-default-setup.entries. I am not sure,
what is an intuitive way to change it.

I'm dumb today, I don't understand this. How exactly would I change the default panel configuration? Are you suggesting that I edit a config file by hand or that I use gconf-editor? On gconf-editor, under schemas, I don't see any entry for 'panel'.

In general:

Having a chance to configure important things for all users as a root
without touching home directories is a reasonable feature. If you find
interesting things not configurable, please fill a Bugzilla entry.

How do I do that though? I don't want to login to X as root, and gconf-editor doesn't seem to give me any options for adding an icon to the panel.

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