Re: Successful built of Gnome 2.12 with Jhbuild on FC4? Anyone?

On 9/22/05, Ali Sobhi <sobhi us ibm com> wrote:
> Seems like the list "gnome-build-status" is not active (last posting June
> 2005). So I'm posting this note to this list.

gnome-love would be a better list to try on.

> I've been trying to build Gnome 2.12 using jhbuild on a Fedora Core 4.

Are you building from tarballs with jhbuild or from cvs?  (If you
don't know, the answer is cvs)  If from cvs, realize that it's
possible the jhbuild moduleset hasn't kept up with the branching
(especially if you have been trying to get the build to work over a
longer period of time and haven't manually updated your jhbuild

> After going at it several rounds and opening defects for build failures
> for iso-codes, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and reopening few

I've just skipped evolution-exchange as I don't have any way to test
it anyway (it's just for allowing evolution to connect to Windows mail
servers, and I don't have access to any)...

> older ones I'm still unable to have good clean build.
> This is despite my own home brewed patches for mozilla, memprof,
> gst-plugins (which made them be built).

> So the question is: Can  Gnome 2.12 be built completely and successfully
> on Fedora Core 4 using jhbuild on an Intel-32 machine?
> :(

I would be _really_ surprised if it couldn't, though I haven't tried
out that exact version myself yet.  (I have built it on RHEL4,
CentOS4, and at least a beta build on FC3, all of which ought to be
fairly close to FC4).

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