Re: Successful built of Gnome 2.12 with Jhbuild on FC4? Anyone?

Ali Sobhi wrote:
I've been trying to build Gnome 2.12 using jhbuild on a Fedora Core 4. After going at it several rounds and opening defects for build failures for iso-codes, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and reopening few older ones I'm still unable to have good clean build. This is despite my own home brewed patches for mozilla, memprof, gst-plugins (which made them be built).

If you're checking out HEAD from CVS with jhbuild, then you're getting the latest (possibly broken) code. Right after the 2.12 release is mad checkin time for new features and things that are likely to break.

So the question is: Can Gnome 2.12 be built completely and successfully on Fedora Core 4 using jhbuild on an Intel-32 machine?

For an easier build system of stable Gnome releases, you should check out GARNOME:


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