Successful built of Gnome 2.12 with Jhbuild on FC4? Anyone?

Seems like the list "gnome-build-status" is not active (last posting June 
2005). So I'm posting this note to this list.

I've been trying to build Gnome 2.12 using jhbuild on a Fedora Core 4. 
After going at it several rounds and opening defects for build failures
for iso-codes, evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange and reopening few 
older ones I'm still unable to have good clean build.
This is despite my own home brewed patches for mozilla, memprof, 
gst-plugins (which made them be built).

So the question is: Can  Gnome 2.12 be built completely and successfully 
on Fedora Core 4 using jhbuild on an Intel-32 machine?


Ali Sobhi
Sr. Consultant - Austin Accessibility Center - IBM Research
512-823-0064 (T/L 793)              sobhi us ibm com

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