the big jump forward

...for the memory reduction efforts is getting closer.

Yesterday, we tracked down and fixed the last major regression
in the mmap-cache branch of fontconfig, so it should be
ready for wider testing now. If some fearless hackers jump in 
to help testing and debugging, we can hopefully squash the
remaining bugs in a short time and have a great memory-reduced
fontconfig 2.4 in time for Gnome 2.14. 

Patrick will do a test release soon, or you can directly go 
to the fc-2_4_branch in cvs
(:pserver:anoncvs cvs freedesktop org:/cvs/fontconfig).

Remember that you have to run fc-cache -f after installing
this version of fontconfig, since the cache file format has
changed (the cache files have been renamed to fonts.cache-2
to reflect this).

Regards,  Matthias

PS Thanks to Patrick Lam for doing this work.

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