Re: cdda:// URIs and the default handler

On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 09:38 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> I'm not sure where we should ship the script (or perhaps a c-based
> version of it) though. In gnome-vfs? If its in gnome-volume-manager then
> people with g-v-m not installed will get the bizarre cdda:// error
> message, which is pretty bad. If we want the script to have e.g. warning
> dialogs then it needs to link to gtk+ though, which isn't very nice for
> gnome-vfs. Maybe libgnomeui?

I'd rather not scatter this particular piece any more - having two
barely-matching pieces in gnome-vfs and g-v-m is bad enough.

Do we care about people who run gnome-vfs but don't run g-v-m?

I think it's fine to put the script in the g-v-m tarball itself, and
probably have it not strip the "cdda://" prefix form the URI it gets
passed.  If totem can already handle those URIs, other apps can
certainly be made to handle them.

[g-v-m's "%d" substitution passes "cdda://dev/hdc" untouched; I wonder
if it makes sense to add another percent-thingy that one can use to pass
the raw "/dev/hdc" to the defined handler...]

Note that gnome-vfs already comes with hard-coded defaults for several
URI methods, and those handlers are quite gnomey - http/epiphany,
ghelp/gnome-help, info/gnome-help, etc.  We could hard-code totem as the
default handler for cdda in the schemas.  Maybe it would then be OK to
have g-v-m's installation procedure overwrite that default to use the
helper script.


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