Re: cdda:// URIs and the default handler

Federico Mena Quintero schrieb:

Our default from the viewpoint of g-v-m is Totem, which looks like it
can handle either plain device names (e.g. "totem /dev/hdc") or cdda
uris ("totem cdda:///dev/hdc").

Should we move Fedora's shell script into the mainline for
gnome-volume-manager?  The missing piece in the puzzle is indeed not
having a default handler for cdda URIs by default.

I see no point in using a shell script as cdda handler.
We have IMHO two options:

a) teach totem cdda:/// URIs, no matter whether a GnomeVFS module is installed for this.

if (g_str_has_prefix (uri_from_argv, "cdda:///"))  {
   char *p = uri_from_argv;
uri_from_argv = g_strconcat ("file:///", uri_from_argv + strlen ("cdda:///"), NULL);
   g_free (p);


b) teach the backend involved into the URI handlers (I think this is inside GnomeVFS) how to convert cdda:/// to file:///

I haven't investigated whether the GnomeVFS GConf app handler code support the .desktop positional parameter scheme [1]. If it does supports this, we could also use %F, and gnome-vfs would ensure that the cdda URI is converted into a file URI. Maybe this could be implemented in *gnome_vfs_get_local_path_from_uri.*


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