cdda:// URIs and the default handler


I'm debugging this:

The way to duplicate the bug is to insert an audio CD, and double-click
the CD icon that appears on the desktop.  You'll get an unfriendly
dialog from Nautilus.

We don't compile the cdda module in gnome-vfs by default.  That's fine.

We don't install a default handler for "cdda" URIs (in
gconf's /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/cdda/*).  That's not fine, and it's
the cause of this bug.

Fedora has a patch in its gnome-volume-manager package which installs a
shell script as the url-handler for "cdda" URIs.  That shell script
takes the "cdda://blahblah" URI, strips the "cdda://" bit, and feeds the
remainder of the string to a program.  That program comes from the
"/desktop/gnome/volume_manager/autoplay_cda_command" gconf key --- it's
what you set in gnome-volume-manager to play audio CDs.

Our default from the viewpoint of g-v-m is Totem, which looks like it
can handle either plain device names (e.g. "totem /dev/hdc") or cdda
uris ("totem cdda:///dev/hdc").

Should we move Fedora's shell script into the mainline for
gnome-volume-manager?  The missing piece in the puzzle is indeed not
having a default handler for cdda URIs by default.


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