Re: Moving to *Avahi* over howl


GServiceBrowser is a client-side wrapper only, right? It does not cover the service registration or advertising half of mDNS. It will not help me in implementing shared notes in Tomboy, which has been blocking only on waiting for Gnome/distros to decide on the mDNS stack to use.

We still need to "decide" on which mDNS implementation we are going to use. Or else start hauling ass in implementing and testing a full abstraction layer, learning where the abstraction leaks, massaging it, iterating a few times, etc etc...


Davyd Madeley wrote:
On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 15:39 +1200, Callum McKenzie wrote:

3. So we can integrate it into the normal glib way of doing things
(signals, gobjects, etc.) regardless of which implementation is used.

Once again (I really like tooting my own horn). I have started solving
this problem:

Here is a sample API for doing service browsing:

This is still a Work in Progress.


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