Re: Moving to *Avahi* over howl

On Fri, 16.09.05 15:57, Jono Bacon (jonobacon gmail com) wrote:

> On 9/16/05, Lennart Poettering <mztabzr 0pointer de> wrote:
> > I doubt this a good idea. Avahi's DBUS interface reflects what Avahi
> > is capable of and is in no way a generic DNS-SD API. In fact, Avahi is
> > more powerful than either Howl or the Bonjour in many
> > respects. Writing a bridge to access Howl/Bonjour via that DBUS API
> > would be exceptionally kludgy if not impossible.
> This is a policy decision. If an abstraction layer was used to
> abstract away any possible implementation of a technology, GNOME would
> bloat to hell.

Sure. I didn't say anywhere that I am such a fan of adding a DNS-SD
abstraction layer, just because I love abstraction layers.

I guess Davyd's work makes some sense, not just because it would allow
a certain degree of abstraction but because it makes use of all those
nifty glib primitives (gobject, signals) which avahi doesn't offer. 


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