Re: gtkspell (was Re: Announcing: Project Ridley)

> I'd guess at least 90% of what I type into any text fields in GNOME (if
> you discount composing mail, and I already have spell-checking for that
> anyway) are names, addresses, filenames and directory paths, for which a
> spellchecker is zippo use anyway :)

It would be much worse than zippo. The spell-checker would underline
every other word making it impossible to read what you type because
the names and addresses aren't in English that would for some reason
be the default language. Then you think How the F do I turn off this
stupid feature! and it would take a long time before you figure out to
use the right click context menu to deactivate spellchecking. The
problem with spell-checking in each and every textinput-widget is that
it would show up when you don't want it and would not show up when you
want it. And that behaviour would be hard and confusing to control
just by using a context menu so you would need some visible clue like
a button to click on to control spell-checking. But then it would be
very hard to nicely embedd spellchecking in textareas and other

mvh Björn

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