Gnome Print Preview Suggestion

There has been some talk of using Evince as a universal print-previewer in Gnome (can't remember where). with this in the back of my mind, I noticed an interesting feature in Microsoft Office for Mac.

In Microsoft Office for Mac, the normal print dialog has a thumbnail view of the actual print preview. Here's a screenshot:

For many cases this thumbnail view is enough to confirm that you've got the right page or document selected for printing - or that it will all fit on one page.

If this print-preview-thumbnail widget also had a button to view the full-size print preview, it would be ideal.

If the Print Preview were always accessible from inside the Print dialog, perhaps this could also eliminate the need for a "Print Preview" menu item along side the Print in the File menu.

There was a mention on the wiki about a hackfest on a "Print dialog replacement" [1] so I thought I would throw this idea out there.

Steven Garrity


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