Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet

Le mardi 25 octobre 2005 �1:31 +0800, Davyd Madeley a �it :
> If the run dialog too were be replaced, the keystroke could either focus
> the applet or run the dialog, based on whether or not the applet was
> present.
> The correct way to do this would be to have both the applet and the run
> dialog launched out of the same Bonobo factory with slightly different
> OAFIID strings. When the keystroke was received, it would decide what to
> do.

I'm not sure I understand why this would be the correct way of doing it.
We could do it the same way than the way we open the main menu with
ALT-F1 right now and fallback to a program, eg.


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