Re: libnotify

Right. I don't know that the new server will require composite, but
one of the plugins certainly will. I just need to get a geforce card
in one of my boxes so I can hack on that part of it.. :)

As for C vs. C++, either one can be used, imho. If we use C++ for the
new server, though, I'll definitely want to make use of gtkmm and
libsigc++, as they make life so much easier :) I was going to move to
C mainly because of the "not widely loved" aspect.

We could do it in Ruby! Or not.


On 5/26/05, Mike Hearn <mike navi cx> wrote:
> On Thu, 26 May 2005 09:00:24 -0700, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > After that, I plan to work on a new notification daemon that is
> > plugin-based to show off what all can be done with notifications and to
> > provide for themes
> To clarify this point, the existing server will be simplified a bit and
> will serve as a (boring) reference implementation. It'll work on older
> systems, in particular. I'm happy to maintain it as it's mostly done
> and shouldn't take too much time to keep up with the spec.
> The new server Christian is talking about will probably be more advanced,
> be able to use (maybe even require) COMPOSITE and so on. Anybody who has
> seen Growl notifications on MacOS X can get an idea of what we're
> thinking of. In time the new server can phase out the old one.
> I think Christian intends to write the new server in C. The current server
> is written in a simple form of C++ which may or may not be acceptable for
> GNOME, I don't know. Libnotify itself is written in C and is fully
> documented, but isn't (iirc) GObject based.
> Both Christian and myself have real life jobs (hacking on desktop software
> for Linux, yay!) so there is no ETA for when it'll be "done", but
> the existing code and spec weren't bad and did actually work so
> (once updated for the new DBUS) hopefully *something* acceptable can be
> produced in time for GNOME 2.12 - we'll see how it goes I guess.
> thanks -mike
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