gnome-build service (GNOME tinderbox)


Today I read on planet gnome that Kjartan Maas fixed some build problems which he discovered when running jhbuild.

Last year for a couple of months there was the automatic gnome build being done by Luis Villa. Unfortunately that machine broke down. IMHO it would be a very good idea to restore that service because of:

1) broken builds are now discovered later. Therefore quite some developers loose hacking time because one of the modules they need doesn't build

2) Having a tinderbox makes sure that the tree is more often completely buildable. This makes life for new contributors a lot more easy. (I remember struggling a lot in the beginning with getting things to build with jhbuild, because I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or did not have the right tools installed or that the build was broken)

Main conclusion is that having a tinderbox just saves a lot of time which can be used for hacking instead.

I can't imagine that one of the companies supporting GNOME cannot donate a machine for doing the daily build.



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