Re: [PROPOSAL] 'Change Password GUI'

shakti wrote:
GNOME currently doesn't have a GUI to change the user's  password.

It does as of 2.10: the "Users and Groups" tool. Currently this is only available to admins, to prevent people from changing accounts other than their own. But many of the people who use Gnome at all will be admins on at least one system. (For example, even if they're not an admin on their computer at work, they'll likely be an admin on their computer at home.) For these people, a separate tool for changing their password when they're not an admin would be confusing duplication of interface. And as Jeff suggested, we shouldn't have too many configuration tools (some existing ones probably should be combined, too).

Perhaps some improvements could be made to the Users and Groups tool instead.
*   Let anyone open it, requiring an admin password only when you want
    to modify someone's account and you don't currently have permission.
*   Make the list of users much narrower (perhaps only one column), so
    that properties -- including the password field -- can be visible
    alongside it as soon as you select a user in the list, rather than
    appearing in a separate window only when you click a "Properties"
*   Always place the account of the current user at the top of the
    list, and pre-select it.

That way, when you opened Users and Groups, the fields for changing your own password would be immediately visible.

Matthew Thomas

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