Re: [PROPOSAL] 'Change Password GUI'

El mar, 17-05-2005 a las 22:56 +1000, Jeff Waugh escribió:
> <quote who="shakti">
> > I would like to propose gnome-passwd (a password change GUI) for GNOME
> > 2.12.
> Hi Shakti,
> This might be a little too specific for a single preferences dialogue. We
> can't have too many. :-) Can I suggest you talk to Diego about his
> gnome-about-me preferences dialogue? It would *rock* to have this in GNOME
> 2.12. :-)

Yes, it would be nice to integrate the user's session picture (gdm pic.)
in this dialog, and the users' personal information
(name,surname,etc...), that is stored in the /etc/passwd file.
Maybe this should be suited with gnome-system-tools.

That's ok for the g-c-p, but I don't think that having an specific
dialog for changing the passwd is a bad idea, in fact it'd be very
useful for sysadmins, let me explain: On Windows Domains, you can set a
default password for all the users over the domain (Dummy01 for
example), then you set all the passwords as expired, so the users must
change their password the first time they log into the domain, so you
(you as sysadmin), don't need to play with every user to set their own
password. Integrating this dialog for expired passwords on gnome-session
or gdm (I don't know wich is the best way), will give us a feature that
had been on windows for years. (No, I don't like windows domains, but I
really like not having to play with dumb users).

> Thanks,
> - Jeff
Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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