Re: Integration of new types of volumes

Yaron Tausky wrote:

I've been hacking a bit with the SynCE[1] code -- especially the GNOME
VFS integration -- and I thought I'd better ask here on the matter of
further desktop integration. I want to reach the point where the device
is presented on the desktop and the computer:/// URI in Nautilus upon

There is alreasy a gnome-vfs module that would let you browse your PDAs filesystem (synce:///) - all that needs to be done is just some API that would let this and other gnome-vfs modules to show their icons in the Computer folder. I don't know, however, if any such API exists in gnome-vfs/nautilus or whether the desktop developers are interested in it.

> Ideally, gnome-volume-manager should be a plugin-based daemon that will
> be able to take care of any kind of hardware, but since this isn't the
> current state of affairs, I'd like to hear your opinion on how to
> implement it (assuming that HAL announces the device).

You don't need to assume - HAL does announce the device :) Moreover, it does announce whether the device is connected and other details if you've got synce-hal in your system - the code will land in SynCE cvs this week (I am the dude who's working on it). As for g-v-m: I don't think that it is supposed to take care of the PDA's filesystem or whatever other device that is not a storage device. My guess that a PDAs device representation on the desktop is something like a remote network share or ftp connection or something like that. So I guess nothing should be done except for showing the PDA in the 'Computer' folder.


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