Re: gdm2 string freeze breakage


Hi Abel Cheung,

My opinion is that before we have zh_SG locale, we'd

zh_CN = Chinese (Simplified)
zh_HK = Chinese (Hong Kong)
zh_TW = Chinese (Taiwan)

After we have zh_SG,

zh_CN = Chinese (China Mainland)
zh_SG = Chinese (Singapore)

This will give a smooth transition for Singapore users. It is not good
idea to let Singapore users choose China. That will potentially raise
another politics issue anyway.

Agreed. Probably it's desirable to do it once and for all -- add zh_SG
right now as well. Chinese is starting to fragment like English do, so
according to [1], it looks like zh_SG is sooner or later needed.

Brian, the attached patch adds zh_SG and fix localized language name.
Is it OK to commit?


Hmmm.  I've check the above link and it doesn't look readible in my
browser.  But if you are just changing gui/gdmlanguages.c so that the
languages have the right name and zh_SG is added, then it is okay to
commit.  I'll review your changes after your commit and let you know
if anything is wrong.  It seems we have agreed on the following names:

zh_CN = Chinese (China Mainland)
zh_SG = Chinese (Singapore)
zh_HK = Chinese (Hong Kong)
zh_TW = Chinese (Taiwan)

So please update it so it looks like that.  Also, I don't know if
gdm2/config/locale.alias is used.  Who would know.


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